Lisa Yakobi |


I can’t say enough about Mika Howard! It’s a pleasure to work with her. She enhances my ability to grow my business and do what I do with amazing efficiency. I never need to focus on the area that’s not my strength. She’s been a phenomenal and unexpected asset to my business; she is meticulous, methodical, conscientious, and proactive about taking care of situations before they become problems. A word to describe her would be “extraordinary”. Another one may be “perfect”!

She has met and exceeded all my expectations in the areas of accounting, writing, scheduling, calling, and pleasing (and appeasing!) my clients, and she is even there for me when I just need to express my feelings. Her attitude astounds me! She is consistently positive, affirming, warm and optimistic.

She is an excellent strategist and always looking for ways to improve and upgrade what I’m doing. When I ask Mika to do something for me, I never need to check to see if it’s done. I can trust that it has not only been done, but it’s done right at or even way before deadline.She has been less of an assistant to me than a business partner and manager and trusted friend and advisor. If you want to maximize your time and realize your potential, having Mika at your side will be invaluable! I can’t recommend anyone more highly.