I provide my overall admin and marketing services on a retainer basis. That means I will reserve a certain number of hours for you every month, and I will bill that amount at the beginning of the month. If more hours are needed, I may be able to work those hours and bill for the overages, provided I have those hours available to me during that month.

The minimum hours required for the retainer contracts is 5 hours/month. I need to spend at least that much so that I get a chance to really learn about you and contribute to your business.

I use an online time tracking tool to accurately record my time spent for each of my clients. The hours I spend specifically for your business are all billable, including our phone and email communications. My time billed to you is purely spent for your business. There is absolutely no downtime included.

I send my clients a weekly email informing the time spent for that month so that they are aware of the unused hours or the overages, if any. As a business owner myself, I understand it’s important to watch your budget!

Please feel free to contact me to assess your needs.

  • project management
  • JV management
  • partner liaison
  • program/product launch management
  • various research
  • brainstorming
  • customer inquiry handling
  • tech support for customers
  • appointment scheduling
  • followup/check-in calls and emails
  • general customer liaison work
  • documents in variety of formats
  • spreadsheets
  • image editing/enhancement
  • presentation design
  • proofreading of your marketing materials
  • research
  • other general admin tasks