Sherry Truhlar |

sherry-truhlarMika has been supporting my business for a few years and I’ve yet to find an area in which she doesn’t excel. From mundane tasks (writing, databases) to complex technical work (switching website hosts, troubleshooting website kinks, managing shopping carts), she can do it. And with her cheerful disposition, I’m comfortable having her work with clients, both in email and on the phone.

But perhaps most of all, I appreciate that she is a strategic thinker. I’ve found it difficult to locate virtual assistants who will do the thinking for me. Often a V.A. will ask, “What do you want me to do?” I find this annoying! I don’t want to be an expert in everything, and I want a V.A. who steps up and contributes. Many seem to shy away from thinking. They want to sit back and be told exactly what to do instead of finding the work. In contrast, Mika is self-directed. When posed a question or the vaguest of tasks, she’ll research options, consider my business, and then share with me, “I noticed XYZ. I did some research and here are your choices. I think THIS is best for you.” She thoroughly documents everything in plain English (which allows me to understand) and makes a recommendation. What a time saver that is! What a woman! It makes me feel like I truly have a business partner, even though I know she has many other clients. In short, she’s a consummate professional and I’m grateful for her talents. I want four others just like her.