Testimonials for Mika

Sherry Truhlar

Red Apple Auctions | redappleauctions.com

Mika has been supporting my business for a few years and I’ve yet to find an area in which she doesn’t excel. From mundane tasks (writing, databases) to complex technical work (switching website hosts, troubleshooting website kinks, managing shopping carts), she can do it. And with her cheerful disposition, I’m comfortable having her work with clients, both in email and on the phone.

But perhaps most of all, I appreciate that she is a strategic thinker. I’ve found it difficult to locate virtual assistants who will do the thinking for me. Often a V.A. will ask, “What do you want me to do?” I find this annoying! I don’t want to be an expert in everything, and I want a V.A. who steps up and contributes. Many seem to shy away from thinking. They want to sit back and be told exactly what to do instead of finding the work. In contrast, Mika is self-directed. When posed a question or the vaguest of tasks, she’ll research options, consider my business, and then share with me, “I noticed XYZ. I did some research and here are your choices. I think THIS is best for you.” She thoroughly documents everything in plain English (which allows me to understand) and makes a recommendation. What a time saver that is! What a woman! It makes me feel like I truly have a business partner, even though I know she has many other clients. In short, she’s a consummate professional and I’m grateful for her talents. I want four others just like her.

Steven Bleistein

Relansa Co. | relansa.co.jp

Saying Mika is a virtual assistant, does not do justice to Mika’s capabilities and the value she provides. She is more like a trusted partner. Mika thinks about my business objectives in anything for which I ask help, and always considers what is in the best interest of my business, which she has come to understand well. She routinely points out issues I have missed and suggests ideas that I would not have come up with on my own. Mika has contributed to my success. If you think Mika might be able to help you, you have no idea how right you are. Mika can help you in ways you cannot even imagine.

Sue Painter

Confident Marketer | confidentmarketer.com

Hi, my name is Sue Painter and I’ve been a marketing coach for women business owners since 2005. For the past several years, I’ve been very fortunate to have Mika Howard, owner of MTH Virtual Assistance, help me run my business. Although I live on the East Coast and Mika is on the West Coast, she is an integral part of my team. Working virtually with her is no issue whatsoever.

There are VA’s and then there are exemplary VA’s. Mika is completely and totally exemplary. She is excellent at both customer service and the online technical parts of my business. She is a true team player and always has thoughtful and useful ideas that support me and my business. If you want someone who is very thorough, quick, technically adept and has great interpersonal skills Mika is your woman. I recommend her without reserve.

Trudy Scott

Food Mood Expert, Certified Nutritionist, Author | everywomanover29.com theanxietysummit.com

Mika is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is a truly wonderful VA and I have such fun working with her to create posters for my many events. I send her a few ideas, some images, a very general concept and she comes up with exactly what l imagined and hoped for. We’ve done a fun “featured in Cosmo” poster and more serious ones like the “food mood case study” for the anxiety conference and she wows me every single time!

Mary Kelly

Speaker, Author, Leadership Expert | productiveleaders.com

Mika takes my ideas and concepts, then improves and implements them. Mika has a talent for knowing what to do next, and her initiative, business acumen, and web talent are incredible. I am beyond delighted with Mika’s VA work! Truly awesome!!!


Lisa Yakobi

Executive & Speech Coach | lisayakobi.com

I can’t say enough about Mika Howard! It’s a pleasure to work with her. She enhances my ability to grow my business and do what I do with amazing efficiency. I never need to focus on the area that’s not my strength. She’s been a phenomenal and unexpected asset to my business; she is meticulous, methodical, conscientious, and proactive about taking care of situations before they become problems. A word to describe her would be “extraordinary”. Another one may be “perfect”!

She has met and exceeded all my expectations in the areas of accounting, writing, scheduling, calling, and pleasing (and appeasing!) my clients, and she is even there for me when I just need to express my feelings. Her attitude astounds me! She is consistently positive, affirming, warm and optimistic.

She is an excellent strategist and always looking for ways to improve and upgrade what I’m doing. When I ask Mika to do something for me, I never need to check to see if it’s done. I can trust that it has not only been done, but it’s done right at or even way before deadline.She has been less of an assistant to me than a business partner and manager and trusted friend and advisor. If you want to maximize your time and realize your potential, having Mika at your side will be invaluable! I can’t recommend anyone more highly.

PJ Rosch

Mastermind | evilgeniusmktg.com

Mika is a talented individual. She is a great communicator, and offers creative solutions. She takes initiative to get the job done making it easy not to micro-manage. Mika is also very detail oriented so the job not only gets done, it is done well. I trust her completely because she has never let me down. I wish everyone I hired had her initiative and talent. There is no one else in my career that I have been able to count on more.

Hiro Takahori

General Manager, Intellectual Property Firm

Mika is a true proactive solution provider. She is great at foreseeing problems and coming up with a way to best solve them in the most efficient manner, using her in-depth knowledge in research and computer applications. When she says, “I will take care of it.”, she does not only take care of the issue, but does so very quickly while adding extra value. I can always depend on her professionalism.

Kenny Masaki

Principal, International Knowledge Asset Office | knowledgeasset.com

If you work with Mika, a memorable impression will be her high quality of work. Her work is always reliable, timely and accountable. She is willing to take on challenges, no matter how difficult they may seem when initially presented, and you can expect results. She found ways to solve problems herself, which allowed me to focus on my own tasks during frequent and extended business travels. I highly recommend using Mika as your VA.